mērāms tonās

So, for today I will keep going about things I hate. A lot.

Today some people was shocked that I ,/  yes “You! Marta! Way You?” / can say something about destroying. No, I talk about it all a time, but never write it down. But. It’s not true. But.

Today, together with some body and other bodys  discussion about things we hate.

  • Fire works
  • Smokers!

And then it goes – they have a human writes to do what they want.

So and what I can say ? Just – keep Your shits inside . Is that mean I can p middle of the street if I want? No, it wont be nice. But my p don’t kill anyone, but all smokers make my life shorter. Yes, and I hate it. And yes, I like fresh air. And yes, I like breathe.  And yes, I like . a lot.

Ha ha , I just write it  down for thous who is looking for some pismire.  Because of  yesterday.

But I m not angry. I am not goofy. I am happy about things I dont like. Because

it makes people hate me. And what else You need on this world ?

a dios amigos!

Just write down something about distroying and You will be up.


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