After one and more year I met Ance again.

Just one call at night and at morning we are one the road. On the road to Bauska and Rundāle.

Way this place? – when we was at elementary school fourth grade we got a class excursion right to this both palace.  And at that time we fling in to the fountain some coin for “coming back” . And we are back!

Ance is back from  Canada and I am back to meet her.

I cant remember when  was a last time when I was like a real tourist. Asked some random people to take a photos with some funny popular things.

Some exhibition with dead animals.

And that lynx or bobcat /vocabulary show me that words/ was so soft! So fluffy, pulpy and and and!

BUT . I never want anything like that at my home.

and of course  “pleas! with this! “

and this and there

“And You! Go ahead! “



this is WC

/I just love to touch everything

Thanke You, Ance for that day! And moos! Yes, i got Canadian moos.

With some people nothing and never changes .  And always everything is the same.  And no feeling that You ever was separate. And You don’t even have to smile like a stupid.


O, and this girl is that who make me as hitchhiker.  / she start to do it at 11.


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