vīrieši kokos

Yes, I’m into it! Men it trees .  It just funny . So funny. And mostly i runaway from movie like this, but now i run for it. All night at computer screen.

The only reason I can find is – I  get old. To old.

just a little.

And this is almost the only TV series that I know with tso good a sound track. Yes, it is true.

In some ways it’s looks like a sex and city. But this is better.

Better because of –

  • place  , Alaska , Elmo;
  • not so many beds and sex;
  • situations are more from life;
  • no one is made from plastic;
  • Jack looks better then Carrie great men, or dream men or excellent men (I not sure about name for him)
  • jokes are funnies

but I don’t know that good s&c anyway.

But still – I recommend Men in trees for You!


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