lietus ūdens kanna

Mēs visi esam dzirdējuši par ūdens deficītu  pasaulē. Un re, mēs tomēr esam pietiekami produktīvi, lai izdomātu veidus, kā šo ūdeni ietaupīt.

The Raindrop Can comes in several fresh colours and is also sold separately in two sizes: 3,5 liter (fits in de Raindrop Mini) and 5 liter (fits in the regular Raindrop).

The bottom of the Raindrop Can is slightly hollow to make the use with two hands more comfortable.

The Pure Raindrop is a rain barrel that makes saving water really easy by providing a watering can that fills up automatically when it rains. This way, the user doesn’t have to fill the can with our precious tap water, but uses ‘free’ rainwater instead.


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