pirma treshdiena

Just eat some bad german cookies. Fell sick right now. And it’ s not posible to sleep .

But so much fun!

Nothing to do? Come to  Osterholz-Scharmbeck. I will be here.

Second day in here. Meting with city council and some pictures for local news – paper. Lot of cycling. In gym we got our own trainer, ye and he was cute just for Laura. Oky, yes, he wasn’ t bad, but… I gues, from Turky.

Near to gye are place where skaiter do they tricks.

I talked to much about football but just because I do care about Igo , that next week we will go to Bremen AND get in to fotball stadion . yes yes yes, I ‘ m so excited!

More excited abot fotball, then  Beck brewery visiting. 

And more about football – next week games with local school boys, ha ha.

Ow, ye – And we meet our boss.

Tomorrow for me the best is – going shoping! Yes, I know it’ s sounds so much fun. BUT – Wouter special for me found some local farmers And yes, offcours I am happy. And I’ m the only one whou could go with he to shopp for food. Yes, I’ m special! Sounds stupid, but it’ s cool. He just fraid to buy somthing what I do not eat. No, better is say – he wan to buy somthing what I do eat. hah.

Ye, I do love my classmates. Now. And it’ s better to do not think about nex four weeks, it’ s just a future. (:


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