ganām aitas un skaitam govis

How are you?

well, it s depend how deeply i look in to this question
but over look – good.

Im okay

I don’t know way, but I allways have a feeling that You wrot me just then when You are litle bit sad

I am not sad and not happy either

why! ?
allways like that

Im not there yet
Happiness I mean

my day was in deep deep ass (sorry) but .
I can’t wish anything batter
everything come suddenly

What happened?

“deep ass days” are not possible to describe
and this is too much “not describe” day
But You know? I know –
it’s will be fun some day. all flash-backs will make me laught
and actually – right now I’m laughting
here are no one who can’t stop me
it’s so cool!

Hahahahahaha… I love you:D

yeh, I know. c(:

Hahahah. How do you know?

because Mister ChocolateTee  know what .

Because Mister ChocoltaeTee know why.


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