my girls

Last days is pretty much busy with “don’ t doing anything special” .


Today my american girls will leave ! To Amarica and Korea. Don’ t think I will gonna meet them ever again. We had a such a goooooooooood time together. we three were like a perfect combination : blond-red-dark. non stop laughts and … eh jsut great friends!!! miss my girls so much! I have a feeling that my life here in local comunity will go down starting from their leaving point! only persons who understand my jokes and have a same shity taste of everything. naaah! and no more prepared breakfast for a while. Tough life , what I can say! / right now I’ m complaining






Last days just in like BUM! way.


/O’ Petrosani. Your pizza lured us to be spontaneous and crazy today! Even though we knew all Maxi Taxi’s stopped at 10pm, we went, sat, ate, drank, laughed, hopped, used the toilet, and chit-chatted about life, lukewarm passions (?), and of course food. We are young travelers, making constant choices, planning this-and-that for what we think is the best route to the “final destination”. But even in our neatly ordered plans, it seems like there are times we just have to let go of control and hitch-hike our way to closer point, listening to strangers talk on their cellphones, asking us where we are from, where we are going, and why we are here, and if we like it here.

Forte Frumos and Multumim Dumnezeu! /

And for today :

NUDE dive in river and nonstop fun.
/its hard to resist to fast ideas




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